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Project Description

Originally included with AniPlayer X, Quick Anime Renamer easily renames your anime files into a "cleaner" format so you wont get retinal detachment.

↓↓↓ Screenshots are at the bottom ↓↓↓


Quick Anime Renamer was created because I didn't like how anime names were all messy (ex "[SUBBED]_Anime_-_01_(1240x800).mkv") and it would rename the selected files from a specified folder to a new, better looking name (ex "Anime - 01.mkv"). And now my life feels so much cleaner ^w^

General Project Information

  • Coded in C# (.NET)
  • Recommended for mass Anime downloaders
  • Was included with AniPlayer X

System Requirements

Getting Updates

Read Me

  • If you want to fix a bug or add a feature but you want it now, you are welcome to download the source code and modify the file yourself.
  • Feature requests are welcome.


Q: I am a regular user (aka noob), which file should I download?
A: To just use Quick Anime Renamer, download the file that says "Quick Anime Renamer [Application]".

Q: I am a developer who wants to develop (or learn) Quick Anime Renamer to my hearts desire, which file should I download?
A: Then download the file that reads "Quick Anime Renamer [Source Code]".

Q: Is Find & Replace case sensitive?
A: Yes it is. "Test" and "test" are NOT the same.

Q: I would like to edit the source code and redistribute it, may I?
A: Yes. As long as the proper original developer, me, (i.e. in the About dialog box) is intact.

Screen Shots

(Screeny's based off of Quick Anime Renamer v0.1)

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